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"Green Park" Residential home

Mantua - Italy

Efficient use of our LegGO-GROUND and LegGO-WALL products


A fantastic result: in barely 12 months, a state-of-the-art structure was built, cutting-edge both in terms of the technology employed and the energy and environmental efficiency. The new RSA residential home in Mantua (Italy), opened on 22 December 2018, is split over 3 floors, and extends 14,000 m² of built area and can take 240 beds.

This new residential care and nursing home, nestled in the verdant setting of the "Green Park" Health Park in the beautiful town of Mantua, is a category A4 building, with nearly zero energy consumption and efficient from a seismic, acoustic and thermal perspective. "The project set out to create an efficient building right from the outset", explained Davide Nicchio, the architect, "and, once the architectural project was developed, an inventive building process was essential".

This approach led to a project that sets itself apart due to its everyday comfort, energy efficiency, security, speed of execution, optimisation of resources and low environmental impact.

13,000 square metres of LegGO-FLOOR and 4,000 square metres of LegGO-WALL were used for this building.

  • From high-rise buildings to residential homes, our insulating formwork walls are the fast, economical and solid solution for your building project. 

  • Our all-in-one complete wall solutions per floor are delivered assembled and ready to cast.

  • The thickness of the concrete, which can vary from one project to the next, will be determined by your engineering firm. The steel reinforcement required will also be stipulated by your engineers.

  • On-site training is offered by our internal staff. Training is provided for wall assembly and for casting.

  • Our insulating slabs have been designed to allow you to create floors and finish your storey levels with an extremely solid insulating ceiling.

  • the operation involves laying insulating slabs and their related reinforcement followed by casting a concrete screed which will therefore be reinforced.

  • the reinforcing steel and the height of the screed will be determined by your engineering firm according to your spans and the load-bearing requirements.

  • The insulating slabs are light and easily manoeuvred, and therefore easy to lay. They can have a span of up to 8 continuous metres

WALLS (residential)
  • Insulating concrete form blocks

  • very fast assembly

  • a building system that is very easy to handle, thanks to its lightweight and precise interlocking structure

  • extremely easy cut-outs 

  • perfect thermal insulation and airtightness

  • an excellent solution to combat heat bridges

  • 6-10 times stronger than traditional constructions  

  • guaranteed cleanliness on site and less construction waste!

  • And last but not least, we provide training direct on site 

Planning your Project
  • Our design office will provide a detailed study of your project in French, Dutch, Italian or English, along with specific plans and a detailed quantity survey.

  • The estimate provided will have no hidden surprises, as it will include not only the insulating elements that we can provide but also the additional elements that go with our products such as concrete, reinforcing steel, or other items that you would purchase from your local building merchants.

  • We will also take responsibility for providing information to your partners, architect, engineer, and EPB certifying authority about our various products and solutions

Training and coaching
  • Our team of managers and specialist workers will be responsible for providing exclusive training on your site as well as providing training in slab and wall assembly through to pouring concrete after form work and shoring. 

  • Additionally, we are available 24/7 to help you over the phone via our help desk in the first instance and then with site visits, all you need to do is ask.

  • "Contractor" training is also offered on all our products when undertaking large scale sites (buildings for example)

Hire - Purchase of props  
  • ​Are you a self-builder planning to build?  Opt for a hire solution that is much more economical than buying.

  • Are you a contractor and plan to work on several sites with our products and solutions, then either opt initially for rental and then buy, or go straight for the most suitable purchasing option.

  • Our props, now in their 4th generation, ensure the wall's structure is maintained during pouring, but also facilitate the adjustment of its alignment and verticality, and facilitate risk-free casting of one floor at a time.

  • Our experienced teams, specialist engineers, site managers, specialist workers can respond directly to any questions you have regarding our products or simply regarding all elements on your site.

  • We are at your service, and where appropriate we are there for your teams as well, with the shared objective of ensuring optimum safety, quality and comfort conditions for your site.

  • We also support our partners, distributors and contractors, on simple request, in all financial, operational, commercial aspects as well as marketing

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